I am Johannes Müller.

I am a social entrepreneur, data analyst and social scientist.

I founded the social start-up CorrelAid, a network of 700 data scientists which helps mission-driven organisations to increase their impact with data science. Currently I am also a fellow at the Hertie Center for Advanced Practitioners.

I studied at the intersection of social science and statistics at the University of Oxford(M.Sc.), University Konstanz (B.A.) and University Göteborg. My academic interests include evidence-based policies, causal inference, and computational methods in the social sciences. As a data analyst I worked with international organizations such as the Skoll Center for Social Entrepreneurship, the Said Business School, and the HIV/AIDS Alliance.

I also educate decision-makers and diverse crowds about the potential of data-driven practices for the public good. I frequently give talks and workshops (among others at TEDx). Furthermore I participate in expert sessions on topics concerning digitalisation and was named Ambassador for Digital Engagement by the BMFSFJ.

My work was featured in a.o. Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Handelsblatt Global, and Zeit Online.

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